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IT Helpdesk Job

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by ICEMAN, Nov 12, 2009.


    ICEMAN Bit Poster

    Hi everyone

    Ok, so recently just registested and got a ton of questions, but I think i'll hold back with a few and just get down to the most important ones.

    I have just got a job working as a IT Helpdesk professional via an employment agency. Fairly low salary to start, increases in 6 months If all is going to plan.

    With regards to 1st line support/2nd line etc I came across the following thread (thread)

    and basically my question is this, in terms of career advancement, is it just a case of moving up the ladder and then specialising in a particular field ie networks etc or is there more to it?

    My ideal role would be going out in the company and van and physically doing the job along with time at the office.

    Any tips/ guidlines or things to follow?

    I thin I am possibly leaning towards an IT Technican role, but to be perfectly honest I'm not really sure, just looking for any advice?

    Appologies if this has been posted in the wrong area

  2. JamesCG

    JamesCG Bit Poster

    There are certainly road warrior positions out there where you'll be moving around from site to site but you're going to need to put some time in first. Your certification path will often be dictated by the technologies that your company is using. When you get on the job, find the people in the positions you want to be in, then find out how they got there. Then formulate a plan from there. You've taken the hard first step and got your foot in the door so now you need to get some experience under your belt and you'll be more marketable in a few years.

    ICEMAN Bit Poster

    thanks for the quick reply

    My father is a network engineer for cable and wireless and he advised pretty much the same, sit tight etc, but with a relatively low wage I think I would stuggle doing that for the next few years unless I can apply somewhere else.

    But yeah, I'll take your advice on board and get some advice from there. I would like to think I could get to second line asap but I dont mind but the working in its just the salary thats the problem.

    anyway, cheers again

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