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ISEB Security Exams

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by UKDarkstar, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Just a "heads up" in advance that (for those of you who can make it) the Dorset Branch of the BCS will be having an event on 18th November which may be of interest to some. I mention this as you don't often get this type of opportunity.

    The event will be presented by Andy Taylor who is an ISEB examiner. Bio :

    He was for five years the Chief Examiner for the OGC’s best practice in programme management Managing Successful Programmes (MSP™) as well as assessing training organisations, trainers and their course materials in PRINCE2® and MSP™. He is one of a small team of examiners who now run the current three examinations in security for the ISEB – Information Security Management Principles, Practitioner Certificate in Risk Management and Practitioner Certificate in Business Continuity. The examinations team wrote a book published by BCS in support of the ISMP qualification in 2008 and Andy was the book’s Editor.

    and he will be covering :

    The ISEB run a large number of professional qualifications in a wide range of areas. They are split into four main areas each sub-divided into two sectors. This talk will look at the overall structure and then take a more detailed look at the security sector where the exams Andy helps to manage lie.

    Andy will look at the principles behind the three security exams, their structures and then discuss what the examiner is looking for in each of the exams. There will be ample time for questions at the end.

    The event will be in Bournemouth (good train links) and start at 7pm (presentation at 7.30pm)

    If ayone fancies this it is open to non-BCS Members too and is FREE !

    It's mid-week on a Weds but if you were thinking of grabbing a few days away "down South" I can provide some hotel details if required.

    PM me for any more info :thumbleft
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