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    I recently attended an ISC2 item writing and reviewing session, I cannot go in to details on what we created and reviewed but can give an overview of the process.

    Unlike most certification bodies ISC2 uses its members to help create and review new exam questions. The process works by getting people who have already taken and passed the exams to attend a two and half day workshop where they create new questions and also peer and group review the questions to ensure they are correct and well written. People from ISC2 and the examination body are there to help lead the sessions and ensure the questions are acceptable to be used in the exams.

    I found the whole process enjoyable but more difficult than I thought it would be. We were expected to write around 8 questions in the time which does not sound like a lot but it is not as easy to write the questions as I expected. Also there are different types of questions like the easier knowledge or more complex analysis questions and all answers need a reference to back up what is stated. The group reviews were fun as you sit in a room with your peers and discuss ways to improve the questions which created some interesting discussions.

    The review took place in Florida and ISC2 really look after you and the whole process is paid by them so flights, hotel, taxi, diner etc. all covered, if anyone gets the chance to attend a similar event I would highly recommend it.
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