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    I'm just looking for some clarification on ISA cards - I know they were developed for the AT computers, but I haven't seen them around...well, any time recently. Are they still used in mainstream networking anywhere?

    (asking as they are mention in my N+, but am not too familiar with them)

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    You won't find a modern computer that has ISA slots anymore. The PCI bus blew ISA away. You might find some legacy boxes out there running ISA and PCI, though. You'd be surprised at how many old boxes out there running Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 are still workhorses, running various automated processes in large companies and factories.

    I used to work for the US Postal Service (long story) and I found that the terminals that processed their electronic scanners were exactly the type of computers I described above. If training providers and text books still teach about the ISA bus, it probably is worthwhile to learn.

    I'm going to toss in some links that might be helpful:,290660,sid1_gci214044,00.html
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