Is there any Job-sites without agencies?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by drum_dude, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. drum_dude

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    Hi all,

    I know that this is a lot to expect there any Internet jobsites that do not contain agencies? Fish4Jobs used to be pretty good for having just employers but I have noticed that over the past 6 months agencies have been appearing. You can spot them a mile off with the usual intro "My Client...", 99 percent of the time it isn't even their client!

    I'm sick of these timewasters and would prefer to avoid them as much as possible. I have never got a job through them and they always seem shocked that I have worked in the past without their help! For instance, when they used to call me at ITNET they'd always ask "which agency are you with for ITNET" and of course my reply would be "I came in direct". Then the usual bullsh*t would come out about them submitting my CV to "their client" and then that would be the last I'd hear from them.

    Anyway...less of the ranting...any ideas?


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  2. Jakamoko
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    Can't help as such, Sacha, as I'm not sure if such a eutopia exists, but I share your dislike of Agencies. I have largely avoided the ones near me, as it sticks in my throat that they can sit back and claim x% of my potential salary for basically finding a suitable post, then submitting my CV for it.

    Like I can't friggin' manage that myself ???? [​IMG]

    Your right m8 - rant over [​IMG]
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  3. Gaz 45

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    Surely you mean sit back and let you try and claim x% of your potential salary?

    I use a few jobsites but most of them seem more and more overrun by agencies. I think there's a general move towards using agencies now (especially given the amount of 'recruitment consultant' positions I see advertised) by businesses because basically they can take you on at little or no risk & fire you just as easily. (Many temp contracts allow the agency to terminate the contract without prior notice, whereas the worker has to give notice).
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  4. Rosy
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    Unfortunately you are right Gaz - I spent a month or so last year working for an agency in an area where majority of employers would only recruit through agencies - it means that they don't have all the recruitment hassles and if someone doesn't meet their standards/expectations then they can get shut n get someone else in within hours without all the hassles and legalities (the agency takes these on which explains why they take such a cut) which is great for business but not soo good for those lookin for a break.

    Starting off through an agency may not be a bad way of getting some experience under your belt though and puts you in touch with more employers if you are new to an industry. I would always opt for tryin to get a job myself but signing up with agencies is a way to aim for work short-term, gets your CV out there under peoples noses n often prevents you from havin a gap on your CV.

    Although many businesses are using agencies more and more it is more a case of 'trying' people out without large recruitment costs (yes, believe it or not the costs of recruitment to a business is usually more than it costs them to pay an agency fee!) n hassles than anything else. My advice to anyone using an agency is to make it clear what you are willing to accept short-term, how long 'short-term' is and what you hope to happen after that - ie, prepared to take temporary work in different organisations for 3 months to build experience and then wishing to look at a position that may become permanent in a set industry.

    As for websites without agencies - I haven't come across one yet - chances are that if you can get in there then so can the agency staff unfortunately.
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  5. Phoenix
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    Speaking from experiance, and having gotten all of my jobs through agencies (not temping or contracting, but permenant placements) I have to say that whilst they are a pain in the ass, they are a cornerstone of the technology industry these days, and you have to learn to use them to your advantage at some point or another, or you are cutting out alot of your chances

    Be as pushy as they are, call them twice a day, demand feedback, check what they have been doing for you, check what leads they might have, I often go through a process of 10 - 20 interviews before landing a job, but I do eventually land a job, and its usually through the same few agencies that I hassled, and stuck with over time (be warned if you blow your chances with an agency by failing an interview with bad feedback, move on to another one as they wont be keen to push you for a while)

    Thats my experiance, although I have had a few interviews that are direct, most are not, and theres little I can do to get around that
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  6. Gaz 45

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    You know, I completely forgot after spending 6 months in one job via an agency not long ago, I recieved a call from them telling me not to bother going in the next day...

    Strange thing is, I was neither surprised nor angry about it, despite it coming out of nowhere. Whatever happened to job for life?

    BTW, I would have stuck this in my other post, but couldn't find the 'edit' button.
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