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    1. Sandy
      It takes just a wee download (XP & W2K03 come ready to role out of the box)

      Once I get my W2K03 machine setup I am going to look at it (and we thought subnetting in IPV4 was bad!!!! 128k addresses in hex will not be easy.

      :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :oops: :oops:
    2. flex22
      Thanks Tripwire, that was a really interesting read :D

      Some of the points I picked out are as follows:

      'India only has 2 million IP addresses'

      Well that should be enough for the people who aren't starving or dying of needless deseases while the government builds nuclear warheads.

      'Vb6 creates enough IP addresses for every person on Earth to have 1000 Web-enabled devices each'

      Right, I think I'll start writing my letter to Father Christmas a bit early this year. :xmas
      I might see if I can get an IP address for my brain, it could wake me up in the morning. :sleeping

      "The push is going to come"

      YOU :lilangel

      "But theres no demand"

      Hey buddy, over here, your gonna wish you never said that :gun
    3. wizard
      Sorry to bring up such an old thread, just been looking at Microsofts guide to IPv6 and downloaded a document about it, boy it sure is different than IPv4.

      Just been trying to get my head around it, slowly getting there. :)

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