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IPSec VPN Tunnels

Discussion in 'Networks' started by warrmr, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster

    ok i have been set a challenge and have built a test lab to set things up.

    the lab consists of 3 Client Pcs running XP pro sp2

    1 Member server running 2k3 (no domain) With an IPsec policy and Routing and remote access setup

    2 Netgear VPN firewall routers.

    First off i had created a VPN router to router using an IPSec tunnel now that worked fine encrypted and it was running in about 10 mins. I then removed all VPN settings from the 2 netgear boxes and went about setting up a NAT/VPN router on the Windows server PC.

    i managed to get NAT running in a few mins. ( tested by using the internet on the client at the address,)

    so i read the Knowlagebase on technet and found a page on setting up an IPSec Tunnel to a non MS gateway so i thaught bingo follow the instructions and its all good. how wrong was i. the VPN wont get passed Phase 1 (authentication it sends requests out and gets no responce)

    the IPSec rules are set up like this

    2 Filter Rules 1 outgoing 1 incoming
    3DES and MD5 setup as the filter rules with a PSK of password.

    in Routing and remote access the Firewall on the WAN is turned off so that isnt causing the requests to fail.

    i have followed the guide on the MS knowlagebase and double and triple checked every setting, and cross referenced it against teh netgear guide on there website and it appears all teh settings on the 2003 server are right. and the ones on the VPN boxes are right but there just not talking. the only thing i havent doen is run net mon (prefer wireshark) on the server pc to see whats happening on the wan side of things.

    not that it would make any difference as the router to router ipsec worked along it, but the "WAN" link is actually an internal network i am pretending to be "the Internet" as like i said its in a test lab. and all IPs are Static.

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  2. andrewb1984

    andrewb1984 New Member

    I'm having the same problem with Netgear FVS114 routers + Windows Server 2003 in a very similar configuration. The process of establishing the tunnel falls over after Phase 1. I'm looking into possible causes, but it is worth taking a look at the following document, as it is possible to get a bit more troubleshooting info out of the Windows Server 2003 router than by default.


    Anybody else have any ideas?
    Certifications: MCSA + Messaging
    WIP: MCSE + Messaging

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