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iPods bring down hospital servers

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, May 4, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    iPods bring down hospital servers

    iPods and MP3 players aren’t just a security risk, it appears. British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, has revealed that a leading UK hospital lost its servers for two days thanks to staff downloading huge quantities of songs and movies from the internet for use on their MP3 players. Journalists found that servers at the Queen Mother Hospital in Kent were out of action for 48 hours while storage space intended for X-rays and patient records was crammed full of multimedia files.

    Read the rest of the story Here.
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    1. juice142
      Bloody things get me down as well. It's a spiral... :cry:

      Oh, I'm doing the Avatar thing again.

    2. AJ
      At my school it's not the kids who store all their mp3's its the bloody teachers. Some of them have desktops with 3GB if mp3's and then complain it takes ages to logon :x
    3. Sparky
      When are people going to realise that iPODs are evil? It must be an Apple thing. :twisted:

      I believe in Windows Server 2003 R2 you can block certain file types from being saved to the server, more power to the network admins then! 8)
    4. AJ
      You certanly can and even better quota on a directory rather then per volume :thumbleft
    5. noelg24
      u know this is why I so dont like Apple (despite working for them but hey its a job!!)...does anyone remember back in the days when we were at school and had our walkmen confiscated? hmmm one wonders if the same should be done for the teachers nowadays!!
    6. zimbo
      sounds good... must get a trial of R2 then...looks like some big changes... :biggrin
    7. nugget
      Can't you write a logon/logoff script that finds and deletes all mp3's in a user's profile?
    8. AJ
      Certainly could Nugget, but the "powers that be" don't seem too bothered about the whole thing, so why should I worry if they take all lesson to log onto their PC 8)
    9. Mr.Cheeks
      Are you forgetting the children's education? or is the need of logging on or not logging on does not interrupt with their education?
    10. AJ
      Sorry CM I should have clarified that statement a bit better. The kids desktops use folder redirection to a drive that has quotas so they can't store large files there.

      Anyway we digress away from Trips post.
    11. Jakamoko
      Not really, my good friend - a news post is here to inspire discussion.

      A small point, but worthy of mention, I thought :)
    12. Bluerinse
      And don't believe everything you read in The Sun Trip. It's only ever been good for the crossword and page 3 :eek:

      The BBC said the iPod mp3 issue caused a loss of half a day, not two days :biggrin
    13. Jakamoko
      Bloody cutbacks !!! :tongue
    14. AJ

      I suppose what I should have said is that I may now be giving more infomation about our network away that I should. My boss knows I haunt around here so enough said :biggrin
    15. Sandy
      Sounds like the Systems Admins have NOT being doing their job!

      NO MP3 traffic should be on that network.

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