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Discussion in 'Software' started by gary_potten, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Hi all, I need a favour, I have been searching for a simple piece of software or a database that I can add the contents of our IT equipment into some sort of order, all I need is a basic set of fields where I can add things like computer id, OS, software installed and just general stuff like that.

    There are many applications out there but they all wan hundreds of pound for them, This is just to make my life easier, so I can track what stuff should be with which machine. If anybody has an access database or piece of software that will help I would really appreciate it.
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    you mean something like this?

    it's hard to find decent asset management freeware. some packages are available as a free version, but they are usually crippled.
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    Hi Gary,

    I asked the exact same question a little while ago HERE

    I do recommend LAN sweeper. It runs in the background, tells you everything, infact too much. The database soon fills up with info that you will need to sort. In fact you can use Excell or Access to look at the data.

    HTH :biggrin
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