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  1. Griffon

    Griffon Bit Poster

    Hi All,

    Thought I would let you know who I am and what I am doing here.

    Job wise I am senior technical support for an ISP. I have PC, Internet and HFC network troubleshooting experience but no formal IT qualifications.

    In a bid to get out a the ISP tech support into a proper IT career I have decided on doing the A+ and then MCP (70-270)
    to backup my experience with something paper based. Then going on to MCSA/E

    This looks to be the perfect place for advised on the path I am taking and the exams I have opted for.

    Please let me know if you think of a better path - I did look into doing the Network + to combine it with A+ as an elective but decided against it on the grounds of 1 exam versus 2.
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  2. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    I don't know that taking one test instead of two outweighs the advantage of having a non-vendor specific networking certification. Unless you have a pretty good networking background your bound to learn some good stuff with a Network+. Microsoft's networking MCP's aren't a very good place to learn generic networking concepts, i.e. basic networking, at least IMHO.
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  3. Weemez

    Weemez Kilobyte Poster

    Howdy Griffon! :biggrin
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  4. Boycie
    Honorary Member

    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    Hi Griff,

    Welcome to CF. Hope you stick around.
    Good luck with your studies. I am not to far from you, is the ISP base near us and was it hard for you to start off (if you started there!)
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  5. Griffon

    Griffon Bit Poster

    ffreeloader: To be honest I was thinking entirely financially ;) Will wait until I pass the A+ before making a decision, Haven't had a look at Network + info since the 2005 exam came out.

    Started in S'sea - have bumped into a few people who are previous inmates :)

    Suppose bit of a give away not many national ISP's who have broadband techical centers in Swansea .....

    Thanks for the welcome :)
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  6. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    I kinda figured that, that's why I gave you a little longer range perspective on it. ;)
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  7. KeithNN

    KeithNN Byte Poster

    Hiya Griffon. Welcome aboard and good luck with your studies.
    OK, as you'd already have the A+ you'll still only be doing 1 exam either way (an MCP elective or the Network+). Financially, I agree it's about £50 dearer - BUT doing the MCSA that way (which many have/are) means you've got three qualifications (MCSA, A+ and Network+ - and a fourth, MCP, if you're picky) to quote on your CV instead of the one.
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  8. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Welcome to the forum :biggrin
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  9. tripwire45
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    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Greetings, Griffon. Welcome to CF. :)
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  10. Jakamoko
    Honorary Member

    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Hi from me too, Griffon. I too was formerly in tech support for a national ISP - I share your pain :biggrin

    Hope we can help you around here.
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