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Discussion in 'A+' started by CHW1989, Apr 27, 2020.

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    Hey guys I am new here. I am looking for a career shift to break into the It world and am looking to start of getting my COPTIA A+ certification. My question is what is the recommended study time for someone transitioning careers.
    I have a limited knowledge of computers from hobbies reading about software, internet, command line and some very basic programing but and never worked in an IT job or have had any IT experience.

    As far as resources go I have purchased the Mike Meyers Comptia A+ book and found his videos on linked in learning and have been looking at those and am loving it (since I enjoyed computers as a hobby anyway).

    My father (who recently retired) are going to get certified together and I I am looking to sign up for a date and perhaps buy a bundle with the cert master training (do I even need this with what I already have?). What is the average number of hours that the average person studies and passes the exam. I don't have a job since the COVID-19 hit and am thinking of putting in 3-6 study hours a day (time permitting) of study and hope to take it in June. Is this a doable goal or should I push test time back more?

    Thanks I look forward to being here.
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    Really depends on your experience as to how long it'll take you. If you feel like you know the contents of the Mike Meyers book off the top of your head, then you're good to go.

    Personally it took me over 12 months to get mine, but I was studying on and off during that time and had no industry experience.

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