Introducing Recertification Through Microsoft Virtual Academy

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    Introducing Recertification Through Microsoft Virtual Academy

    We know you have a lot of demands on your time, so we're rolling out a new option to help you keep your certifications current. Now, you can recertify by completing a prescribed path of Microsoft Virtual Academy courses.

    Although you can still choose to recertify by passing a recertification exam, recertifying with Microsoft Virtual Academy provides a great way to both maintain your current skills and catch up on advances in your area of expertise, all on your own schedule.

    Full story here.
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    1. SimonV
      It was posted April 2nd so seem legit, I agree somewhat with the comments of KevinM, however even the real exams can be brain-dumped so the candidate is only cheating themselves if they where to Google the answers and not really watch the videos as he suggests would happen.
    2. SimonD
      I agree, MS cheapening their certification offerings, not too fussed tho as I have no plans for any further MS certifications these days.
    3. Juelz
      First thing that sprung to mind was this seems to good to be true... Im sure many will feel no shame in googling the answers lol.

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