INTRO/ICND syllabus in 640-801?

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by Pete01, Sep 16, 2005.

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    I've been doing the practice questions on the Celtic Rover site and come up against some questions on topics I haven't covered in my 1 exam CCNA study materials. I've borrowed an INTRO book from a colleague and flipping through I see stuff on things like, WAN multiplexing, fibre optic cabling ins and outs (SONET?), wireless ins and outs and more.

    Cisco's recommended training materials for 640-801 is the 2 books for INTRO and ICND. I'm finding a few holes in what I've learnt thus far by looking through the contents, not many but some holes none the less. I'm guessing that the 2 exam route will delve deeper into what you've learnt when you take the exams but I'm worried that the single exam will use questions from the same pool and any of those questions from the INTRO and ICND exams could show up in 640-801.

    My course materials are very closely tied to the topics Cisco list for 640-801 here, although the topics listed for INTRO and ICND are of course a lot more material to cover even if it's 1 exam split into 2. I'm not too concerned with the ICND stuff as I see that's closer to what I've been covering thus far. Flipping through the INTRO book though there's a lot of material aimed at people completely new to computing let alone networking and I don't expect to see in the single exam CCNA.

    Because Cisco state on the 640-801 page that:

    I'm of the opinion that all subject matter from both exams can come up in the single exam….

    I'm very glad I've found that Celtic Rover site because it's not too late to change my strategy before the big day which I can still pospone if necessary. Looks like I'm going to do every practice question for INTRO and ICDN and write down every term/topic I'm not entirely confident about and plug those holes!
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    In the single exam you will find that only about 3 or 4 topics will come up. I doubt you will get any basic questions they you would in the intro exam.
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