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Interview Tomorrow !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by purplejade, May 28, 2008.

  1. purplejade

    purplejade Nibble Poster

    Hi Guys,

    Finally, I am glad that the wheels are moving in the right direction, after an interview with the recruiter for the post that I applied for(1st line Service Desk Analyst ), they forwarded my Resume to the employer.
    I had my phone interview today which went well, and was informed by the Recruitment Agency that they would like to conduct the interview tomorrow...

    I am going to be grilled by the 1st line service team leader, the service desk manager, the HR manager and and the service delivery manager, I am bit nervy as I am not sure what to expect.. what sort of technical questions will be coming my way, as I dont have any previous helpdesk experience...The job is with a Major Virtual Network Operator.

    Any Suggestions on what to expect would be appreciated...

    Fingers crossed !!!
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  2. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Could be anything relating to what sort of things their 1st line staff does. Or they might ask you general technical questions. In short, they could ask anything. An interview isn't really something you can prepare for... either you are the best fit for the position, or you are not.
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  3. Karismah

    Karismah Bit Poster

    I somewhat disagree. You can prepare for anything. How you prepare depends on what you're preparing for.

    For an interview, the best way to prepare is by knowing yourself, your history and your skills well enough to present to others as accurately as possible what you're all about. You'd generally do yourself injustice by going unprepared and failing to present certain qualities of yourself that may have got you the job.

    Make sure you understand what you've put in your CV/Application so as not to contradict yourself or shoot yourself in the foot with any dodgy lapses in memory. It's important that you represent yourself and what you've put in your CV well. Any gaps or contradictions will easily be picked up, especially since the interview is going to be conducted by more than one person.

    Go in with the right attitude and be positive. If you're not what they're looking for, don't take it personally. Just make sure you're honest. If you try to blag your way through it, chances are they'd (mostly) pick up on it, and you'd lose all your credibility and thus your chances of getting employed. If you admit you don't know something, but back that up with your ability to pick up on things, with examples, and that you have the right attitude, you are focused, motivated, etc., they may give you a chance, maybe. A lot of people try to talk their way into jobs, some succeed, and they're lucky, but most don't because it becomes obvious eventually that they don't really have much to offer.

    End of the day, you either know something or don't. Just be as clear as you can possibly be AND be confident in what you say regarding the technical questions. It's a good thing in a way that you're going to be interviewed by techy's. They'd better understand your position and your potential more than a non-IT person.

    In regard to specific sorts of questions, understand the job description. Try to understand what they may expect of you, and try to formulate possible questions and answers in your head.

    It's probably too late for you to read this now, but whatever it is, best wishes. Try hard to convince them, this is your chance! :peace
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  4. The_Geek

    The_Geek Megabyte Poster

    They could also play the role as the "pissed off customer", start screaming and yelling at you, and see how you handle yourself. I've seen a lot of interviews go south at this point. Keep your cool and don't let the "customer" upset you. Remember, they are upset at a situation, not at you personally.
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  5. Eggbert

    Eggbert Bit Poster

    Good luck, make sure ya let us know how it goes!

    Also what questions did they ask :)
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  6. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Good luck :)

    They may ask you how you would deal with an irate customer or they may see how you are with your communication skills and technical issues.

    The telephone interview would have told them how you deal with people over the phone but they may want to see how you deal with it in a face to face scenario.

    keep us informed :)
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  7. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    You cannot prepare for something where you don't know what they're going to ask... and there's really no way to know what technical questions they will ask.

    All the advice that you gave regarded preparing for the interview. Note that I didn't say you cannot prepare for the interview... you can certainly prepare for the interview. I was addressing the question as to what questions to expect, and you cannot prepare for the technical questions they will ask. As you rightly stated, either you already know it... or you don't. You can't prepare for that, and you can't fake knowledge like that... you'll be spotted a mile away by a halfway-decent interviewer.
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  8. Wires_are_bad

    Wires_are_bad Nibble Poster

    In terms of preparing for the interview, alot of interviews i've been on have asked the following two questions:

    - What are your strengths and weaknesses

    I suppose these are 'soft skills' such as communication or working well as part of a team/individually, etc.
    Always try and turn a weakness into a positive though - show that you've leant from any weaknesses. Mine was my over eagerness to learn, which isn't too bad :p

    - Describe a situation where you've had to deal with a difficult customer

    This is pretty much a standard question in most customer services' IT positions.
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