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    Hi guys big newbie here, basically ive got an interview on friday with two 20 mins exams the job im going for is network support i actually asked what type of questions i might be asked on th exam and got the folllowing, what im wondering is , are there any sites where i could find more questions like these:-
    1) Name types of self helps (ie email, telephone etc)
    2) Cmd line question on chkdsk the answer being chkdsk/f
    3)What user group would you need to be in for legacy support (power users?)
    4)Unx cd tracer im guessing but ive found to trace system calls and signals
    5)How to add user on server 2003 (active directory users and computers)
    6)How to enter safe mode boot (F8 )
    7) Also question on priorites when dealing with faults

    This will be my first civilian job interview for 15 years so im a bit rusty any suggestions on questions and where to find a mixed bunch of questions would be great.


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    Is that question related to the tracert or traceroute utilities? Not sure if there are some missing letters in the first three words of your sentence or not.

    So you want to read more questions about networking? I think what they are trying to assess is what you already know that can be applied for the job. One of our sister sites Tech Unity posts various QOTW (questions of the week). Here's the link to their Network+ QOTW page. You can certainly find lots of questions there:

    Good luck on the interview Friday, Ian. BTW, please take a moment to pop up to our New Members Introduction forum and tell us a bit more about yourself. Cheers. :)
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    welcome to the forums mate, can't really help with the questions but just a quick question,if you're a big newbie, how're you going for a network support job?
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  4. Bluerinse
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    Those questions seem a bit naff to me Klakka, it would be very difficult to find more in the same style :blink

    I would have thought that if you are going for a job in network support, they should try and ascertain what you know about things like DHCP, WINS, DNS, login scripts, mapping drives and printers. How to interoperate with Netware, Macs, *nix. What you know about backup strategies, incremental, differential. Questions about Active Directory, RRAS, TS, VPNs etc.

    Oh and lest we forget TCP/IP utilitities, IPCONFIG, PING, ARP, PATHPING etc. Also wireless stuff like WEP, WPA etc. I could go on and on and on :biggrin

    What the :eek:

    Good luck though!!!

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