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    Has anyone used these and what are your thought's. im about to book an MCSA 2003 course with them, 25 day's of courses. and 4 exams for £3,500 plus VAT.

    Is this good, also want to find out what the company is like.

    Thanks again in advance

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  2. AJ

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    Haven't heard of them before. What else do you get for your dosh. You should be looking for study materrial, exam fees, technical support, employment help and other stuff that the others will say.

    Find out what books they use and look on amazon at the reviews for the book. Some of the larger, dare i say it, PC Worlds have books. Pop into there and have a look see at the book. This is important as it is your main learning tool, you need to make sure that you can get on with the way it's written.

    For £3.5K you should be getting at least the first exam paid for.

    Anywaygood to see you on the boards. Why not post in the New Members Section and tell us a bit about yourself. [​IMG]
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    You do get all 4 exams, this is the quote

    Hi Neil,

    As discussed please find below information on InterQuad, the price I
    confirmed and the booking process.


    *InterQuad are the IT Training Company of the year 2004
    *InterQuad are now the largest Microsoft Gold Certified Education Partner in
    *InterQuad are certified trainers for all our courses and only use course
    content written and approved by the vendor.
    *InterQuad has been awarded EMEA Training Provider of the Year for 2002 and
    2003 by Citrix and 2003 by Microsoft
    *InterQuad have the highest pass mark in the industry- 94.82%
    *InterQuad has the highest fill rates and the lowest cancellation rates in
    the industry.

    Customer Guarantees:

    *If the unlikely event that a delegate fails an exam we will provide a free
    re-sit and replacement course, and will continue until the delegate passes
    the exam.

    MCSA 2003:

    As discussed the MCSA 2003 is made up of 25 days (6 courses) training + 4

    Each course comes with fully certified training and courseware. This
    courseware includes revision guides for the exam along with a CD. Our
    trainers also provide extra support post course including useful websites
    that aid the learning and revision process.

    The list price for 25 days training is : £7125
    The list price for 4 exams is : £352
    Total: £7477

    ****** discounted price for this would be a 54% discount:

    £3500 for 25 days training (including all the above support and guarantees)
    and 4 exams.

    Booking process:

    Once ***** have purchased the MCSA training licence you can either book all
    the courses upfront or call your account manager to book the courses and
    exams individually. The booking process involves a simple 2 minutes
    telephone call followed by a swift response via email by us to confirm.
    Dates and booking can also be changed at any time at your request.
  4. Andre

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    Don't you think that 25 days is a little bit short for MCSE 2003?
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    MILLWALLFC Bit Poster

    It's only an MCSA

    not MCSE

    MILLWALLFC Bit Poster

    sorry should of added this

    You do these courses

    Course 2274 (5days) Managing a Microsoft Windows 2003 server Enviroment +

    Course 2275 (3 Days) Maintaining a MS Windows server 2003 Server

    Course 2276 Implementing a MS server 2003 Network infrastructure network hosts+ (2 days)

    Course 2277 Implementing, Managing & maintaining & MS Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure network services(5 days)

    Then step 2

    Course 2272 Implementing and supporting MS Windows XP (5 Days)

    and then choose an elective
  7. Phoenix
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    Interquad is top of the line
    brilliant facilities, top instructors, very qualified, done properly
    it is not some run of the mill training providor run out the back of someones flat, its the sort that employers send you to, where moneys not the problem, quality is

    I myself am likely to do my CCA and CCEA with interquad, along with my HP ASE (Proliant) they dont offer the variety of StorageWorks courses, probably due to equipment requirements

    i havnt used them personally for a number of years, but never had a problem with them

    they are expensive
    but thats what you expect to pay at top of the line providors like InterQuad, Sprint and other big names

    good luck if you go for it :)
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    MILLWALLFC Bit Poster

    cool, yeah im not paying my employer will be :D

    Just seems a lot
  9. Phoenix
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    basically the cost of courses at places like that tend to run about 1500 for a 4 day course

    thats the average

    im doing a 2 day MSA1000 SAN course thats 600 (non interquad)

    and my CCA is 1450 at interquad
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