Intel sees big changes to the net

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    Intel sees big changes to the net

    The internet must be changed to help it cope with what the future holds for it, according to chip maker Intel.

    The US company's chief technology officer, Pat Gelsinger, says new uses and millions more users could stretch the net to breaking point.

    In a keynote speech at an Intel conference, he said building a new network on top of the old would end many of the problems plaguing the net.

    The overlay would avoid virus attacks and cope with traffic surges, he said.

    Novel net

    "We're running up on some architectural limitations," the Intel official told delegates. The basic technologies underlying the internet were developed more than 30 years ago and, said Mr Gelsinger, were never meant to cope with the number of users and amount of data traffic seen on the net today.

    Full Story: Here

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