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Inside the Everex gPC: A Look at How Far $200 and a Trip to Wal-Mart Can Get You

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. wagnerk
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    Inside the Everex gPC: A Look at How Far $200 and a Trip to Wal-Mart Can Get You

    Does the gPC have enough going for it to make it worth your while? How does it compare to other computers at or near the same price? Seth Fogie examines these issues and more in his report on the gPC, the latest sub-$200 computer to hit the market.

    In this article we are going to walk you through our purchase, un-boxing, installation and setup of the latest in budget computers that have hit the market. Specifically, we are going to examine the gPC, a Linux based $199 computer you can order from Wal-Mart - though it is currently out of stock at the time of writing. In this article you will get our first hand impression of the purchase process, the available support, and the hardware/software of the machine. While we don't want to spoil the ending, it is our overall opinion that the Everex computer is definitely worth your time and money.

    To read the whole article, see here.

    The spec of the PC are as follows:

    Hardware Specifications
    1.5GHz, VIA C7®-D Processor, 512MB DDR2 533MHz, SDRAM, 80GB Hard Disk Drive, DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, VIA UniChrome Pro IGP Graphics, Realtek 6-Channel Audio, (1) 10/100 Ethernet Port, (1) DB 15-Pin VGA Port, (6) USB 2.0 Ports, (1) RJ-11 Port, (1) Headphone/Line-Out Port, (2) Microphone/Line-In Ports, (1) Serial Port, (1) Parallel Port, (1) Keyboard, (1) Mouse, (1) Set of Amplified Stereo Speakers

    See here for the rest of the spec.

    Well this was bound to happen very soon, especially after the release of the £100 laptop.

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    1. BosonMichael
      Swap out that VIA junk with a low-end Intel or AMD processor, and I'm feelin' ya. :thumbleft
    2. wagnerk
      IMO, it's just their way of getting rid of old stock. Install linux on a PC that's a few years old and presto... A new PC... Wish I thought of it :biggrin


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