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Inside Firefox 2.0 Beta I

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member


    Inside Firefox 2.0 Beta I

    The Mozilla Foundation's open-source Firefox web browser is gaining ground on Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). According to a recent study on web browser usage, by Netherlands-based OneStat.com, Firefox has gained 1.14% in June and is now used by 12.93% of surfers. This is up from 11.79% in May, while IE use has declined by 2.12% to 83.05%....

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    1. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      It always surprises me what a relatively small market share FF has when I don't know anyone who still uses IE. Where are all the IE users hiding?
    2. Mr.Cheeks
      there one person who just dropped their laptop to me, and worst thing is i cant fix it!
    3. csx
      Firefox > IE!

      Though i do like the new IE i think it loads faster and feels smoother... but it lacks the plugins like Firefox and and its Microsoft.
    4. ffreeloader
      The numbers are world wide statistics and in Europe Firefox usage is much higher than it is in the US. Also, I think these numbers include all corporate desktops where IE still has a stranglehold on the browser market due to so many corporate and educational sites being built as IE only sites, especially here in the US.

      I went to the W3schools.com website the other day and they have Firefox usage at 25% of the users who visit their site. Pro SEO says Firefox usage is at 16% in the US, 24% in Australia, and 39% in Germany. Other sites say Finland is either in a dead heat with, or leading, Germany in the percentage of Firefox users.

      I think you would probably be surprised at how many CF members still use IE.
    5. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      One for the Polling Station methinks.
    6. Mr.Cheeks
      its been done but that was a few months ago...
    7. Bluerinse
      Lest we forget Opera :wink:
      Surprising how versatile firefox is compared to IE and there are still a number of websites out there, that will only except IE.

      Examples of this are online banking websites, that state due to security reasons they only accept IE, even though IE has a long history of security vulnerabilities.

      * source:- linuxformat 8)
    9. Mr.Cheeks
      if it does not accept firefox then, you can always use the IE Tab extension - i always use this when loggin into web based Hotmail, as Firefox seems to go super slow...
    10. hbroomhall
      Interestingly - Nat West (my bank) updated their web-site, and it now supports Firefox.


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