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Implementing a Vlan

Discussion in 'Networks' started by verbalabuse, May 2, 2009.

  1. verbalabuse

    verbalabuse New Member

    I have a few questions about VLANs so I'm going to lay them out here and pray I can get my points across. Please excuse me if these are simple questions and thanks for any help that gets provided. I apologize if this turns out to be a wall of text.

    I'm dealing with two buildings here, the first is our main campus and the second is a satellite office connected by frame relay through a local ISP. There are two switch closet's in the satellite office.

    My job has provided to me a power connect 6248 L3 switch to perform the VLAN with. I have decided this 6248 needs to go into the first switch closet of our satellite campus where our circuits are. This is the building where the VLAn is needed. This 6248 switch will connect back to our second switch closet via fiber where there's a Dell 3448 supporting that half of the building. This is also the portion of the building receiving the VLAN. The gateway we're using is a Cisco 3750 and it's across our ISP in our main campus that I mentioned earlier.

    Getting back to the first switch closet in the satellite campus where our circuits are there's 3 Dell 3448's in a stack. I do not think I will need to touch these but I'm not sure about that which is where my first question comes in. I'll have follow up questions I'm sure. I'm am also pretty sure I'll need to have a trunk line here somewhere in this closet but I don't know where it should go.

    Does this trunk line need to be between my 6248 in the first closet and the 3448 in the second switching closet, or between the 6248 and the 3448 stack in the first closet?

    Providing some network topology but changing IP's around for my own piece of mind.

    Device type## model## IP##
    Router -main campus 3750
    Dell switch -main campus 5324
    Dell stack -satellite campus (1st closet) 3448
    Dell switch -satellite campus (2nd closet) 3448


    Thanks for reading.

    Also, props to Boson netsim 7.0. This program has come a long way since I last touched it in 2001.
    Certifications: MCSE 2003, MCSE 2003:Securtiy, Security+

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