IM Security Space Gets More Crowded

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    IM Security Space Gets More Crowded

    As IM security threats continue to mount, so too grow the solutions geared to protect against such threats. Managed security vendor Postinitoday announced that it would be entering the IM security fray with a new hosted solution. Postini Perimeter Manager for IM is designed to help protect users against viruses and worms. The solution benefits from Postini's partnership with IM security vendor IMlogic. Separately, Postini also announced a new Archive Manager that will help enterprises deal with regulatory compliance issues by archiving both IM and emails. Andrew Lochart Postini's senior director of marketing, explained that Postini needed IMlogic's knowledge of which ports to listen to as well as a full understanding of all the different protocols that the public networks use and relationships with those networks. The new IM solution is integrated into Postini's current framework allowing its service to check for spam and viruses as well as IM worms at the same time.

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