Im finding it hard finding part time MCSE training providers in my area can you help?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by spon, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. spon

    spon New Member

    Hello everyone,

    (this is me :))

    I live near Gatwick Airpoort, West Sussex and I've been finding it hard to find training providers for the MCSE in my area that are not boot camps or self study. Is there a good online resource or agency you guys can recommend that i can phone to find part time classroom courses in my area? (beit evening/weekends or 1 day midweek courses)

    I've contacted my local college, and education centres but they have not been able to help and online searching have all turned out to be intesive two week courses, or distance learning. I need part time as i need to remain employed full-time (my employer is also paying for the training), and self study is not the correct environment for me.

    I would relish any advise you could pass on! :unsure
  2. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member


    Have you contacted your local 6th form college? I have a ex co-worker who is now teaching A+ Microsoft and CISCO at a 6th form college in Cornwall. It maybe an opening. I'll drop him an e-mail and see if he knows of other places.
  3. spon

    spon New Member

    That would be great thank you Sandy!!! I phoned the local 6th form schools but have had no luck as yet.

    An ironic stoke of luck has happened though, i took a call at work from someone asking if we had any IT training needs so i jumped on the chance to quiz him. Turns out he was from Interquad but may be able to help me at least push the proposal passed my manager as they offer courses to fit in with working schedules and the corporate rate was good. The nearest centre is in Reading which is about 1.5 hours drive for me but do-able for 2-5 day courses spread over a year or so. They'll do my A+, N+ and MCSE 2003 as one discounted package so i'll use them as a basis for costing purposes for the meantime and keep looking around for something a bit closer.
  4. SimonV
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    Sounds good spon, lets hope things turn out for the good. Sorry I cant offer any more advice but keep us informed how you get on with everything.

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  5. michael78

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    Spon have you tried learndirect they have a course search engine. Worth a try...:D
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  6. silicon beach

    silicon beach New Member

  7. mcshap

    mcshap Bit Poster

    Hi Mate,

    I have just sent you a PM, in case you miss it.

    I am a MCT based in North London. If you are still looking for a course please contact me.

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