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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Smorg, Feb 10, 2006.

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    Hi all
    Well my situation is as follows:
    Have taken voluntary redundancy from my current job. My career wasn't exaclty going anywhere so I saw it as an opportunity to get out, train up and hopefully, break into a career that I will enjoy. This being IT. I have always felt that I would enjoy a career in IT and now I'm in a position to do something about it. I have been scouring job sites etc for entry level jobs (Helpdesk etc) but even these require at lease 12 months IT related experience. I bought the Meyers A+ book a few weeks ago and have started to self study. I also went along to Cerco open day a while ago and am very tempted to take their course. The benefit I can see with Cerco is that they expose you (once course has been passed) to prospective employers. However, before I go ahead, I have been reading a few posts on here about Cerco and some are good, some are bad.
    What I am wanting to do is try and get in touch with anyone who has been on Cerco trainings course - a) to hear your experiences about Cerco and b) to see how you got along once the course had been completed.
    If anyone out there has been with Cerco please get in touch by PM.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Smorg,

    I hope you don't mind but I have removed your email address from your post so that no nasty Internet Spiders or Webcrawlers pick it up and start spamming you. Our members can contact you via PM instead.

    If you hang around I'm sure that someone will be along to offer advice soon.

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    If you were using a computer even for data entry that may count as IT "related" experience, which along with studying for A+ might make you a better prospect than you think. Stretch your experience and see if you can get some role where the company might pay/subsidise your studies rather than forking out a shed load yourself.
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  4. Boycie
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    I would go along with what Damo says. You will get experience by covering the A+ sylibus and a job that requires you to use a computer with the usual office applications could be taken as experience.

    Best of luck :thumbleft
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