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Discussion in 'Software' started by mattwest, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. mattwest

    mattwest Megabyte Poster

    Hey all!

    I'm having a problem with IE 6 on my machine.

    When i load any website with frames, and click the link on the left for example (frame1 lets say) i go directly to that page and lose the menu system.

    What should happen is on the index page when i click on the menu system on the left (frame1) the page i selected should appear in the rest of the screen (frame2) with the menu system (frame1) still being visable on the left.

    I have the same problem on 2 different websites where i lose the menu system when i click a link in the frame, it is most annoying!

    However my colleague accesses the same site and retains both frames.... so i'm thinking it must be some settings on my XP machine in in IE 6....

    Any thoughts!?!

    Thanks guys! :D
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  2. noelg24

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    sounds like IE is having an off day...go to Help and click on About IE and check the Cypher strength under the version number...if its 128 bit then you should be ok anything lower than that then you need to uninstall and reinstall IE..have you also downloaded and installed SP2?
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  3. mattwest

    mattwest Megabyte Poster


    Yeah i have 128 bit and i've got SP2 installed, i *think* this still happened before SP2.

    I thought it might be some IE option about displaying frames but i couldnt see anything.... weird :dry
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  4. SimonV
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    SimonV Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Thats odd, this happend to me only this week as the admin panel for the forums has the same frame layout. Its not doing it now and I didnt change anything. :dry

    The only thing that I could think is that I have a roaming profile that was created on XP client and I was logged into a W2K client. Other than that I have no idea.... :blink
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  5. Phoenix
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    um, this site doesnt use SSL
    so why on earth would the cypher strength have ANYTHING to do with a frame problem on a non secure site?

    I think you spend too long with the folks on
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