IE flaw opens door to infection on sight

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    IE flaw opens door to infection on sight

    Microsoft has issued alerts on several security flaws in Windows, the most serious of which could allow an attacker to gain control over a computer. The software maker released six security bulletins on Tuesday as part of its monthly patching cycle, describing three of them as "critical." The Redmond, Wash.-based company gives that rating to any security issue that could allow a malicious Internet worm to spread without any action required on the part of the user. One bulletin addresses three vulnerabilities in the Internet Explorer, Microsoft's widely used Web browser. These issues carry the highest risk of attack out of all the issues fixed, Oliver Friedrichs, a senior manager at Symantec Security Response, said. Two other flaws, affecting the plug-and-play feature and printing in Windows, could also spell some trouble for users, he said.

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    1. ffreeloader
      Sure glad I dumped IE long ago. Well, I hardly ever use Windows anymore anyway so I guess it doesn't matter much. About the only thing I still use Win2K for is playing pinball and getting email on one account as I have several years worth of email for that account stored in .pst files located on my network. Oh, and I use it as a lab tool. But for surfing the net and the majority of my email, it's Linux for me: no spyware, no adware, no viruses, no crashes, just computing.

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