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Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by nugget, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. nugget
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    OK I would like to stir up some interest in diagrams for virtual labs once again. If anyone has ideas for lab setups for different exams please post them.

    For example we already have a simple setup for 70-270, but what would you use for a 20-227 (ISA 2000) lab setup? What about 70-290?

    No diagrams are necessary, a simple list would do.
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  2. Phil
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    Never considered it before but ISA would probably be a really good use of virtual PC's. As always it will depend on host resources but you could build a scenario where you create a DMZ and internal network

    External ISA Server

    Exchange front end server - DMZ
    Web Server

    Internal ISA Server

    Internal PC - Internal Network
    Exchange Server

    You could configure things so that in effect the host PC acts as internet hosts interacting with your DMZ

    Above is just a ssuggestion you could have any mix of DMZ/Intenal servers in there.

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  3. Phoenix
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    your best bet for a first delve into isa is a bit more simpler than phils example
    infact i have been using such a setup for work
    (i got your pm nuggy,sorry i havnt replied, i did read it and will throw a quick diag up if i get a chance)

    basically it went like this

    ROOTDC+ROOTCLIENT (Segment 1) -> ISA2004 <- DEVDC + DEVWEB (Segment 2)

    basically you set up the root dc, then the key is to get the devDC able to compelte a dcpromo op, meaning you need the relevant ports open on the ISA, along with the network configuration

    once thats done, set up the DEVWEB, join it to the DEV domain, but then try and get the ROOTCLIENT to connect to it
    again another challange :)
    and should take you into firewall client territory

    id personally wait off doing the ISA2000 exams, Ms finally released ISA 2004 Enterprise meaning the courses and exams shouldnt be too far behind!
    its a whole lot easier to manage too!!

    ill see what else i can come up with soon nuggy
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  4. nugget
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Phoenix, I would like to hold off on the ISA 2000 stuff until 2004 is available but I have just booked my MCSA course to start in September. The course includes 270, 290, 291 and 227 exams (the 3 mandatory and 1 elective (227)). The problem is that 227 is already chosen as the course elective, according to the trainer, because it's one of the easier ones and as it's basically a firewall with a lot of bells and whistles it's a good one to do for the firewall knowledge :blink. Hence my interest in it. Who knows, by the time I start my course they might have changed it to ISA 2004.:biggrin

    But back to the point, I want to start the interest in this again for everyone to use as more and more of us are turning to VMWare for studying these setups. As you pointed out we need some simple diagrams/ideas to start with and then we can build on them.

    So, I was thinking that for 270 one 2K3 Server with 2 XP clients would suffice as in Phoenix's diagram.
    For 290 (and maybe 291), two 2K3 Servers with 3-6 XP clients.
    For 227, well, that's where I'm at a loss.

    Any ideas, refinements, suggestions are welcome.
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