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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by playaz, May 26, 2005.

  1. playaz

    playaz Bit Poster

    Hi guys,

    An ICT Technician role has turned up and the job description sounds interesting :-

    "Applicants must have a HND or the appropiate degree in IT, along with a minimum of 1 years experience in ICT support. Duties will include general ICT duties, repairs and maintenance, software update & installation, and form prepation and commisioning new equipment. Will also be required to set up new equipment."

    Its not amazing pay, but would 100 times better than my current job (unemployed!)

    My main shortfall would be the 1 years experience, I have been fixing/building PC's for many years but nothing that can be regarded as 'commercial'. Everything else on the job description seems fine and things I have done before its just the 'commercial experience' that I am lacking.

    What would be the best way to go about this shortfall, I mean it doesn't look too professional saying "I haven't any commercial ICT experience however I've been building/fixing PC's for friends and family for many years (around 7-8yrs)"

    What advice can any others who work in the field or are indeed ICT Technicians themselves?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. KeithNN

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    Entry level is considered to be anything less than 2 years so I don't think they'll be expecting much. I suggest you go for it anyway... expand your home experience a little (we all do it!). You've built machines for yourself and/or friends haven't you? You've repaired machines for yourself and/or friends haven't you? Yes, it's not in a commercial field but it's still all viable stuff. List as much stuff as possible - installing a floppy or CD drive isn't too difficult a job but list it: they all count!!

    Express how much hands on experience you've had in your course to date (even if that means exaggerating a little - as long as you've got the skills to back it up a few white lies here and there are OK :oops: )

    At the end of the day it all depends on how many other applicants they get. If there aren't many with the years experience applying you're in with a good shout! If there are really strong applicants you could still miss out even with 5 years experience!
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  3. Jamin.

    Jamin. Nibble Poster

    If you have ever been paid for any friends work (even if only in beer / dinner) Then I would count it as 2 Years part time freelance work, if only to get you an interview, then in the interview you can expand on this and let them know exactly what experiance you have got and for how long. Also think about the type of company which is advertising the post, if it is a small company then you can really make the CV / covering letter stand out and put your personally in it. If it is a big company / public service then just make sure you have covered every point in the job spec, else some HR person will not tick the right box and you wont even get an interview!
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  4. playaz

    playaz Bit Poster

    Thanks for the advice guys! U guys are great :D

    I was thinking of the title - Freelance IT Support Technician (Part-Time) for 3yrs. I'll add this to the CV and state the usual stuff such as..
    Hardware & Software Maintenance
    Troubleshooting & Fixing Problems
    Windows 9x, 2000 & XP Installation
    PC Upgrades & Repairs

    What you reckon? Anything else that you'd add yourself.. I was also thinking about adding something along the lines of 'Security Check' to the list as I am forever testing PC's for viruses/spyware/diallers and removing these with a host of Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware applications. And another stating something along the lines of 'Hard Drive Backing Up' as I normally always make a backup of the OS computer I build/fix using Disk Imaging software (Acronis True Image). But I am sure you guys can come up with better terms and make them sound more 'IT'

    p.s Should I add somewhere on my CV, that I am currently working towards A+ Certification or is it pointless until I've completed it.

    Thanks again
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  5. Jamin.

    Jamin. Nibble Poster

    Quote "p.s Should I add somewhere on my CV, that I am currently working towards A+ Certification or is it pointless until I've completed it."
    Add it!!! shows you are looking at and working towards the bigger picture, also have you ever installed and configured linux? (they love that) Broadband (networking) made a website?
    Remember though to only add details you can answer questions about and show a (simple) level of knowleage about, if you say you have installed linux, and they ask you what you think about the suse distrabution, and you can't reply, it doesen't look good! (this actully happened to me on my second IT job interview!)
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  6. playaz

    playaz Bit Poster

    Cheers mate... I'll add the A+ as Certification I am working towards.

    I've also done the other things you mentioned... I've only installed & configured Linux on a basic level though (Mandrake v10). I have experience of networking, my current home has a Wireless Network (Super-G its fab!) which connects 2 PC & a laptop. In addition, I have created a website which I have used in interviews previously but I do need to seriously update it - Gotta add more content to it asap.

    How would be the best way to state these skills on my CV?

    Thanks again for the all advice, if your ever in the midlands i'll buy a :morebeer
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  7. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    You could always say that you have been supplying and maintaining systems for Home Users for 7-8 years!

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  8. Phoenix
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    Actually Jamin to clarify on your last point, this is becomming less and less of an issue these days as HR departments become more of a service department for employees rather than a hire and fire only department

    many departments write the job specs and work directly with the agencies involved, HR is mearly there for the policy side of things, and processing the new applicants / assisting with screening
    atleast this is the experiance I have had more recently with public sector and large corporates

    I do agree that a few white lies are OK on a CV, however all out lies are not, and will get you found out and often black listed by agencies/companies

    If you are confident in your abilities, and really do actually know what your talking about, put it down, point it out, when they ask you to justify your claim you can proove it, because you do know what your talking about right? ofcourse you do

    Jobs for friends? ofcourse they count, dont ever say it was jobs for friends, it was freelance work for customers, and thats all they need to know, the fact your client was a friend is irrelivent to your experiance gained, and none of thier business really

    Worked on something at home inside out? ofcourse its valid, you will have a bit harder of a time dresing it up as commercial experiance though, but it does help

    I'll often hire someone who works on stuff at home and in thier free time over someone who doesnt simply because I know from experiance this person has a passion for it, and people with a passion generally excel

    these are all important things to note, but you have to throw in a bit of dressing, but remember, no out right lies, its immoral, it wont win you any friends, and chances are you wont actually be able to do the job despite what you think :)

    Good luck with the role mate

    Edit: Sorry Jamin, my reference to your 'last point' was to the last point of your first post, had the page open and had not hit refresh before replying so did not notice the flurry of extra posts LOL
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  9. NenMaster

    NenMaster Bit Poster

    im in the same boat as playaz ive put on my cv

    Home Desktop Technician
    2004-2005 F/T

    • Communicating with customers
    • Installation of software
    • Installation of hardware
    • Fault finding either hardware or software related problems
    • Removal of Trojans, Viruses and Spy ware
    • Installation of software updates
    • Installation of a home network environment
    • Recommendations on software and hardware

    anything else i could add to that list?

    i got a phone call today and the job was to far, i asked about my cv and she said its good, you should really make what kind of job and skills you have.
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