I think I'll go with NITLC but it's a lot of dollars!

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Baba O'Riley, May 26, 2005.

  1. Baba O'Riley

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    I was pretty impressed with what NITLC offer but it's £4000 for the course I'm looking at.

    They told me all about the Career Development Loans and their own payment scheme (which officially is not a loan but it really is).

    My problem is that I don't think I'll qualify for a CDL because of bad credit rating - a three year void will do that for you.

    Does anyone know of any other loan or grant schemes available for this kind of course? I found loads of stuff about business grants but not much for the individual. Maybe I could set up a computing business, get a business startup grant and pay for my course that way!

    My other options are borrowing from family (with a reasonable chance of success) or selling a Kidney (any offers?).


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  2. Phoenix
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    you will be suprised just how bad your credit has to be to not get a CDL, cant hurt in applying mate, because its a government backed scheme to help people get qualified and advancing into careers you will find there usually quite liberal
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  3. Baba O'Riley

    Baba O'Riley Gigabyte Poster

    Thanks for that Phoenix, but I was amazed how difficult it was just to open a basic bank account after three years abroad so I won't be holding my breath :hhhmmm !
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  4. drum_dude

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    I think applying for the CDL will be less heartbreaking and stressful then the above!

    Try the CDL...as they say "if you don't ask you don't get!"

    Good luck
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  5. Arroryn

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    Just give it a try - like the other guys have said, if you don't have a go, you won't know. If that doesn't pay off, if you're in employment you can try for corporate backing, and local councils still operate grant schemes for adults getting into education - I heard of it when I was trying out the OU, but it should apply for adult education in general. Try your local city council for information listings on what they offer.
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  6. Baba O'Riley

    Baba O'Riley Gigabyte Poster

    Yeah thanks. I'll go with the CDL route first of all. The starting a business idea was only half serious.

    As for council funding, I actually work for a County Council and they're tighter than a Duck's behind. Maybe I'll get something out of them but I'm not holding my breath.

    Thanks again.
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