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I hate outdated software bundled with a class

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by i8246i, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. i8246i

    i8246i New Member

    Hi there, I'm currently taking a course on WAN technology and we're focusing on Cisco routers and switches.

    I was given a few books and a copy of the Cisco CCNA Simulator, Network Designer, and related labs. However, its version 5.018 so I know I'm so behind the times that half of what I'm about to ask has probably been changed in later versions of the simulator.

    In this course I am working on a group project in which I need to set up 5 routers, each having 2 switches connected to them, and all the routers linked together by their serial ports. One of the switches on each router must be a 48 port switch, the other must be a 24 port switch.

    From the switches I am to connect 25 machines, and then take the whole design into the simulator to set up ip addresses, routing, virtual lans, etc.

    Its a pretty lengthy lab, and the shortcomings of the simulator and miscommunication between the instructor and the students is just making it miserable at points.

    On to my problem(s):

    First off, I don't have the choice of a switch large enough to satisfy the needs of my network design. Version 5.018's largest switch is 12 regular speed ethernet ports and 2 fast ethernet ports. I notified the instructor, and we were informed that we could link together several of these smaller switches to help satisfy the need for a 48 and 24 port switch. Which means what should have been a 10 switch operation has now bloomed into a 28 switch ordeal.

    I've almost completed my design (the horrible cluttered mess that it is), and I decided to save a draft of it and load that into the simulator to see if I have remembered how get the addressing and subnetting down.

    Problem is, I can't configure any of the interfaces on any of the routers or switches.

    I can do this:


    Press Enter to Start

    Router#conf t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
    Router(config)#interface ethernet 1
    Invalid Command


    O_o It happens for all the routers and all the switches. Did I miss a step?

    (sorry for the long intro for such a small question, I figure I need to describe my problem thoroughly as I am sure it requires some explanation...and I'm sure this will not be the last error of mine or the instructor)

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
  2. i8246i

    i8246i New Member

    I copied and pasted my question to another forum and I got an answer to my major question:

    I should use "interface ethernet 0/1"

    anywho, I'm sure I'll have more problems later
  3. i8246i

    i8246i New Member

    Here's a new problem I'm encountering: When I'm using the designer and I'm creating the simulated workstations, is there a way to create multiple pcs with a simple command or keystroke? I have to simulate 25 terminals per router and dragging and dropping 125 computers is....annoying.

    Also, while dragging and dropping, I will sometimes drag the entire "Devices and Connections" window instead of a new simulated PC. This is aggravating, could someone help me find a way to stop this from happening?

    Thanks a lot.


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