i Bought a Nintendo DS yesterday

Discussion in 'Gamers Hangout' started by Stu_C, Mar 13, 2005.

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    Bought myself a Nintendo DS, now not been a Nintendo fan myself i was bored waiting for the Sony PSP to be released.

    But i must admit some of the stuff that uses the Touch screen are quite good. One of the mini games in mario64 DS theres a catapult (like the one school kids have, a Y shape with elastic) and you can actually pull the rock in the catapult back with your finger(you have to try it to appreciate it i think). But even though its a simple feature, its quite amazing the feeling you get using some of the Touch features, it feels so natural pulling the elastic back.
    And an added bonus that i thought of this weekend(ive yet to test it). To play multiplayer you can all play from 1 cart. The people without the game download it from the person with the cart plugged in. Now the fact that you can search for a nearby DS to download the game from got me thinking, since they dont have to authorize you to dl, you could stand outside a game shop with a demo model running inside with game `X` on, and download the game to your DS and try before you buy. After you power the unit off you lose the game, but if you like it you can buy it. I think im going to test this next weekend.

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