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Hyper V and Veeam

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Lugosi, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Lugosi

    Lugosi Bit Poster


    This is not certification related, but still hoping someone might be able to help ...

    We are (well ... I :unsure am) upgrading our current physical server set up to a Hyper V virtualised set up.
    We have bought two Host servers with DAS, one licence for server 2012 Datacenter and Veeam Back Up and Replication.
    Our initial plan was to set up our virtual infrastructure (which will only be about 15 servers) on Host A in site A, and using Veeam to replicate all the data and machines to the identical host on site B so that in case of Site A becoming unavailable - either the server room or just the server, we could switch to Host B on Site B and all VMs and data would be up to date to whatever replication interval we had set.
    Both Hosts are on the same VLAN, so addressing for them and the VMs is not an issue

    The idea was the failover would (hopefully) be automatic, but if not, then very simple and performable by people with potentially very limited IT ability.
    When trying to put this in place I find I am not able to copy, replicate the VMs to the failover server in such a way as they can all then be immediately switched on and used if required.
    I have no problem setting up replication, back up copies and file copies and restoring using any of these to Host A. The brick wall I am hitting is the Disaster scenario when the entire set up needs to move to the failover site and be brought online.

    Am I missing something, either in what I am doing or is the plan just doomed from the start?
    Do we have to just buy a second Datacenter licence and cluster?(Finance people VERY against this option after the initial purchases of servers, OS and VEEAM.)

    Thanks for any help
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  2. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster

    I'm not sure I'm entirely clear on what the issue is. Are you getting error messages of some sort? or is a feature grayed out that shouldn't be. I've set it up a good number of times for customers in the past although my career doesn't really go there anymore(exclusively on VMware though) without too much of an issue, failover just works and the replica vm's appear on the target hypervisor like normal vm's from what I remember.

    You could point Veam to multiple clusters in the setup, so can you actually see the DR host within the Veam console or is something else stopping you?

    Finance might be set against spending the money but the point must be pushed that if the money is not spent and a disaster occurs then there may not be a business to bean count with.
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