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How To Create Cool Effects in a Terminal

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    How To Create Cool Effects in a Terminal

    Ubuntu can be configured and managed from the desktop for the most part but occasionally, you may still have to open a terminal session to get some work done. I've spent a fair amount of time working with Debian so I'm used to opening a terminal, switching to root and typing apt-get update. One thing about the default terminal though is that it's boring. Just black text on a white background. Fortunately, you don't have to live with it if you don't want to. It's easy to customize the terminal's appearance to suit your fancy.

    Read the entire HOW TO Here.
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    1. hbroomhall
      Er - I have to say that this worries me! :biggrin

      OK - I prefer white on black - I find it easier to read. But all the other things like transparent just remind me of people who spend all day adjusting their Windows wallpaper and not getting any work done! <giggle>

      Boring is good. I don't want exciting windows (May you live in exciting times - er no)!

    2. Bluerinse
      I hope you are not referring to our NoelG Harry :twisted:
    3. tripwire45
      I dunno...use a dark wallpaper, green text and a transparent background and you have that X-Files/Matrix thing going. :D

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    4. zebulebu
      Cool - likin that - but... and this is a biggie...

      That girl looks like a goth

    5. tripwire45
      You can find the full screenshot of my desktop here

      If you don't like her...find your own girl. :tongue:
    6. tripwire45
      Oops. Wrong screenshot. The attachment in the previous post is a screenshot of ubuntu on my laptop. The "goth" girl in question is actually a publicity shot of Rogue (Anna Paquin) from the film [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0376994/]X-Men 3: The Last Stand[/url].

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