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How should I prepare for my 601 and 602 exams

Discussion in 'A+' started by tysfoot, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. tysfoot

    tysfoot Byte Poster

    How should i prepare for my 601 and 602 exams

    I have read the AIO book once and now im writing exstensive notes and remembering things like my IRQ and printing process but as far as the exams are concerned i think im going to do the 601 exam then revise for the 602 exam seperatly so i dont confuse myself with to much infomration going into the exam

    Is it worth re-reading and making notes only for the essentials part of the AIO book then taking the esentials exam. once passed ill concentrate my efforts on the 602 exam

    let me know what you think :D
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  2. swatto

    swatto Byte Poster

    I would suggest revising as much as possible - try not to just focus on what the AiO book states as Essentials or IT Technician because as far as I understand it there is alot of overlap between the two.
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  3. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    I tried that. I wouldn't recommend it.
    Look at the objectives for the 2 exams and you'll see a lot are exactly the same.
    For me, there were 3 stages:
    1. Understanding.
    You've got a good grasp of the concepts and the scope of the exam with your first read through so cross this one off.

    2. Committing to memory.
    There's so many little facts and figures to absorb. Going through the book taking notes will help you identify these. Use a flashcard system to remember them. there's a lot e.g. video resolutions, wireless speeds, XP and 2000 min and recommended requirements, CAT speeds etc etc etc.
    At this stage I was constantly re-testing myself (do the exams on the CD in simulation mode, not study mode) to identify my weak areas until I got myself into the "comfortable pass" zone.

    3. The run-in.
    This is where I concentrated on the exams individually (to an extent). I went through all the objectives finding my weak spots to further narrow down my areas of study and maximise study time. Then I did it all again for the 602.

    My advice at this stage would be: get some flashcards on the go. Use whatever method suits you best, either physical cards or software. It takes time to get things into your long term memory so best starting asap.
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  4. tysfoot

    tysfoot Byte Poster

    Cheers, your quite right.

    Im just nearing completeion of my folder of notes for each chapter but after reading some areas of the IT Technician im will have more of an understanding when doing my essentials
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  5. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    yep as said do not mark the bits that say Essentials as only for the essentials exam there is overlap.

    The way I studied was to read the whole book like it was a story, read again whilst highlighting important parts then the day before the exam on the morning I went through those highlighted parts. The next day I took the 601 and 602 with 15 minute break inbetween.
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  6. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    After I've read the book a couple of times and made my own notes, I like to go through the objectives and write down what I can remember. Then go back and see what you've missed.
  7. m3lt

    m3lt Byte Poster

    I am about to sit the A+ next week, and I will be doing some study this week to revise the most detailed stuff as the general concept of things I have a good foundation.

    What I did was to separate the exam objectives for the Essentials first.
    Then I tested myself just out of the blank with around 12 different practice exams and checked the results.
    I then wrote down the areas I am most weak, went back to the drawing board and revised and now I am scoring over 90% on all those 12 exams.

    Now I hope to have the same marks there with prometric :p
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