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how many versions of linux are there?

Discussion in 'Linux+' started by napninjax, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. napninjax

    napninjax Bit Poster

    what else?
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  2. ThomasMc

    ThomasMc Gigabyte Poster

    Better to just look here

    List of Linux distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  3. JK2447
    Highly Decorated Member Award 500 Likes Award

    JK2447 Petabyte Poster Administrator

    Hi, here are a few. Its easier if you google questions like this and then ask on here if you don't understand something. That way you can get the best help and or advice :)

    **Edit: Ah just beaten!
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  4. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

    Distrowatch reports 324 active versions, however there will be no official number, because anyone can create their own distro..

    Also strictly speaking BSD is not Linux and some distributions are really BSD so it would be closer to 310 using those stats.

    Then by specifying Linux only you also miss considering the many other OS's :-

    Android, AROS, BeOS, BlueEyedOS, Chromium OS, DexOS, eyeOS, eComStation, FreeDOS, Haiku, MenuetOS, NewOS, PETROS, QNX, ReactOS, RISC OS, SkyOS, Syllable, THEOS, Unununium Operating Engine, ZETA-OS, VxWorks, AmigaOS, MacOS, Windows etc.

    There are also many more embedded OS's than those mentioned above.

    An operating system is just a bunch of programs, generally with a kernel and some drivers. In the simplist case it could be a single program.

    In reality the question is rather meaningless.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2011
  5. DryPlate

    DryPlate Nibble Poster

    DistroWatch.com is a great tool for students to learn what's going on lately in the Unix/Linux market.
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