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Discussion in 'Networks' started by Ash88, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Ash88

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    Hello all, Can somebody help me with this please? I would like to know how many devices (routers and switches) I can put onto 1 UK wall socket.

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    i would say no more than 1...
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    The maximum load for a plug socket is 3000 watts (13 Amps) - See more at:

    If you know basic theory of Ohms Law and Power Law it should be straightforward.

    Assuming 13 AMP fuse (Current = I) at 240 Volts (Voltage = V), we want Power in Watts (P)

    P = V*I
    P = 240*13
    P=3120 Watts

    Therefore in order not to blow the fuse in the plug you need the total devices not to draw more than 3120 Watts or 13 AMPS.

    Next will be the fuse in the fusebox, which will probably be 30 AMPS.

    Then it will be whatever the AMP rating will be for the electircal cable in the property.

    The most likely problem would be that the extension cable wires would burn out if the extension plug fuse did not go off fast enough, but it seems unlikely. Next would be the possibility of appliances burning out if users replaced appliance plug fuse with an incorrect higher rated fuse.

    High power draw appliances in the home tend to be appliances that generate a lot of heat or have large moving parts.
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  4. Ash88

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    Thanks dmarsh. I'm planning to have about 40-50 Cisco Routers and Switches plugged into 2x Double Sockets (4 sockets in total). If I have a 12 way surge protector plugged into each socket, this will give me the capacity for 4x 12 available sockets. So, 48 devices in total. I looked at product specification for one of the devices (Cisco 3560 Switch), but cant work out what kind of power it will require.
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  6. Sparky
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    Would a UPS or 2 not help here with a PDU?
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    Assuming you are in the UK, keep this number handy. 999
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