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How long to do a MOS studtying/ exam

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Office 365' started by shocksl, May 10, 2012.

  1. shocksl

    shocksl Byte Poster

    how long would it take to learn and pass an expert level in MOS?

    I have some experience as an end user, but not trouble shooting etc
  2. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    How long is a piece of string? I mean come on and have a think about this for just a minute....

    How long would it take me to pass the MOS? months because I have no interest in it and just can't be bothered with it.

    How long would it take you to pass the exam? Who knows, it depends on how much you study, take on board and understand. Unfortunately you're really the only person who can answer that.

    It would be like me asking how long to pass my driving test (I already have it btw), no one can tell because it's all based on individual skill and ability.
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  3. Jiser

    Jiser Kilobyte Poster

    SD beat me to - "how long is a piece of string!" It all depends on your level of current knowledge and commitment.

    Where I worked previously we were a certiport certified examination organisation. I took ppt, word, excel, outlook 2007's specialist exams. I pretty much did them all straight after a quick 10 minute play and google. In some cases I failed so retook again straight away and passed. Most of it is common sense, if you work in IT already you should have few issues completeting the exams as they are directed at the office user. Some of the questions are quite obcscure so its worth going through the sylabus quickly before hand to go over a few pointers with google and real world play.

    I wish I had done expert/master quals now but they really do go in depth into the workings of word/excel. I know this because I have proctered the exams and have seen the questions. I would say at least a few weeks of an hour or two a day of labbing/revision - just due to the nature of the dryness and level of detail the expert questions go into.
    Last edited: May 11, 2012
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  4. vrhunski

    vrhunski Bit Poster

    About week study 8h per day per exam. (at least that was my case).
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  5. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator

    I did the 2000 track when I was a trainer and the exams were not too difficult, maybe they have changed a little but I wouldn't imagine all that much. Office is basically the same as it was back then it just looks a little different.

    Its all end user stuff, there is no "trouble shooting", the certifications are aimed at information workers and students.
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