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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Jellyman_4eva, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Jellyman_4eva

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    Hi all,

    Two Q's today (One for me and one for my friend!)

    Firstly, how long does it take for Microsoft to release exams for new software? For example when/if Microsoft ever get round to releasing Longhorn how long will it be before the exams follow?!

    Also for Microsoft exams, I notice there are several books one can use for self study, Sybex, Microsoft Press etc, surely the Microsoft Press books are the better books because they are written by Microsoft themselves?! Or am I being disillusioned with this?!

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    Hi Jellyman,

    I wouldn't have thought it would take Microsoft long to bring certifications out for their new Operating system or any other piece of software for that matter.
    If your query is because you don't want to take a course or study for something because you fear it will be outdated I wouldn't worry.
    It would appear that there a lot of companies using Windows NT and 2000 for example. If you have a look around people are training for certs that have been out for years and are still widely acknowledged.

    As for books have scout around on this forum, the homepage where people review a book and also Amazon where incedently there are a few mixed opinions on some of the Microsoft books. :D
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    Hey - get that friend to sign up here too :biggrin
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  4. Sarah

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    It takes around 2 weeks - 6 months (sometimes more) for Microsoft to release exams - with Longhorn it is going to be a bit of a mine field with regards to certification - as soon as I hear anything I'll ket you know!

    Have a look here for Microsoft Books
  5. Phoenix
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    There major OS exams tend to go into beta whilst the product is still in Beta, but that doesnt mean they go live at the time the product ships

    for an idea, the ISA 2004 exam is still in beta (or just gone live i believe) and ISA 2004s been out since early last year
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