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  1. flex22

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    I have already posted this on another site, a home recording site, so you may think it strange that I'm asking it here.

    My reason, is that many of you people seem to be quite musical.

    I want to set up a small and very simple home recording studio.

    I haven't much money to spend on this, so it's a bit of a challenge.

    I want to be able to record my guitar onto my computer and also to record voice through a microphone.

    If anyone knows of what sort of equipment and software I'll need for this, then let us know.

    I'm not familiar with recording software, but I'm after something cheap but with good features.A bit of mixing may be involved also.

    Thanks. :git

    PS: I have ZZ Top on full blast, while the olds are out.I am a devil :devilfla:
  2. SimonV
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    Hey flex, I look after a little recording studio a school I work at, they use Steinberg's Cubase www.steinberg.net. The site was down when I just checked but I'm sure it will be back soon. Cubase is a very Professional piece of sfotware so you might be better of looking for something a liitle cheaper they may do a lite version of it I'm not sure.

    Sonicfoundry have a great little bit of software called Acid http://www.sonicfoundry.com/ I've used this and this should do the job your after. Not sure on the £ though.


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  3. flex22

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    That Acid looks interesting Si, cheers.

    It's $400, which is about £240 - £260 , off the top of me 'ed.

    I've thought about this for ages, but it's come to light again because my brothers thinking about moving out.
    This will mean I have more space in my room and I'll be able to play my guitar when I want.

    I'll need to work out costs for the required equipment involved, i.e Microphone and necessary leads.

    I also experiment a lot with learning techniques.

    I've wanted to come up with some kind of audio learning technique for a while, so getting some good software will allow for this.
    I'm still planning this, and thinking up ideas.

    If I get the job I'm going for, then I'll definitely sort something out.

    If I have to stay in my current job, then I'll have to go the very cheap route.

    I've found a good site which is involved in recording, so that should be a good help.

    Thanks for your help Si, and anybody else, please add your thoughts.
  4. Jakamoko
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    Hi Flex,

    SimonV has recommended 2 very good pieces of kit there. Another alternative that I use is Cakewalk (can't remember the manufacturer at the mo - banned myself from since starting the course :cry: )

    I used it because I am predominanlty electronically-based, ie keyboards, drum machine, no vox, and any guitar stuff I just play along live anyway.#

    I'm assuming you are talking acoustic guitar here - if so, the single most important piece of gear you will need is a GOOD mic - the best you can afford, and yes, at the expense of software !!!

    Once you have that, any decent sound card and software combo will then let you record, edit and manipulate your work. Even a cheap drum box wouldn't stretch any remaining budget, if that's what your after ?

    In fact, if you were going to pursue that route, then I'd actually recommend a decent home keyboard with built-in rhythm - these machines are fantastic these days, and most decent music shops will usually have a second-hand selection - even better for your £££

    Just a few thoughts. HTH
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