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Hijack this log - is everything ok?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Karen44, Sep 25, 2005.

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  1. Karen44

    Karen44 Nibble Poster

    Could someone have a quick look for me to see if all is ok?

    Many thanks,

    Karen :biggrin

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  2. moominboy

    moominboy Gigabyte Poster

    is there an actual problem youre having karen? it'd be easier to look through. :rolleyes:
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  3. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Looks okay to me but I am no expert on highjack this logs. You do have Incredimail loaded by the looks of things which I don't like as it is a pain to completely remove and generates bloated emails IMHO and may well incorporate malware.

    Hopefully someone with more experience can delve into it soon.

    As previously asked. Do you have a problem, if so please describe it in as much detail as you can. That would help a lot :biggrin

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  4. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator

    All looks well to me:

    My only suggestion would be to investigate this enrty further, nothing to worry about as long as you actually have the Logitech device that this software is for.

    C:\Program Files\Logitech\Desktop Messenger\8876480\Program\BackWeb-8876480.exebackweb-8876480.exe
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  5. Karen44

    Karen44 Nibble Poster

    No problems, just not had anyone look through my log before and felt a bit left out! :p Honestly though, it's always good to know there's nothing nasty hiding in my machine!

    Cheers for the replies!

    BTW, I do have a Logitech Keyboard, Mouse and Webcam, so I think the Messenger is ok. I also used to used Incredimail before I upgraded to Office 2003. I still have loads of old emails on there, so haven't uninstalled it as yet. :rolleyes: :biggrin

    Karen :biggrin
    Certifications: None worth mentioning yet...
    WIP: A+, N+, MCSE

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