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Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by jay_man, May 7, 2005.

  1. jay_man

    jay_man Bit Poster

    Hi Folks,

    I'm currently booked into do my A+ 220-301 in 3 weeks and was searching about looking for additional study materials and subsequently, and quite happily, stumbled upon this site.

    I have recently just finished my HNC/HND in Computer & Network Support and Administration and a BSc in Network Computing. However, I’m finding that just about everyone has these qualifications, so I thought that I’d be better off going down the road of getting myself some industry standard qualifications.

    I hope I can help out by sharing some of my knowledge as well as get some help along the way.
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  2. CMA's RAT

    CMA's RAT Bit Poster

    :D Hi from another :newbie
    was going down the home learning with "assistance" when I stumbled accross this forum a few days ago, peeked into what was being said, took aboard advise being given out to others in a similar situation :aaah and saved a packet on the training costs. as a result joined this forum last night.

    The following may help - Found some good interactive cdr's on ebay (type in <Comptia> on the search bar), but keep an eye on the auction p&p prices as often a BUY IT NOW price from elsewhere works out cheaper. - At the very least these offer handy revision material, and from past threads seem like a useful way of going if you've the determination for home learning. Some useful info also came up on my "hello everyone" first posting last night ie where to source A+, N+ exams as an independent
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  3. jay_man

    jay_man Bit Poster

    Hi CMA's RAT,

    Yeah, I'm currently doing the home study thing as well, though just using the Meyer's book and the Faster Smarter A+, and I managed to talk my work into getting the Transcender package for the A+. So I'm hoping thats enough, but there seems loads that you need to remember, and I thought my Uni exams were hard.
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  4. Tyler D

    Tyler D Gigabyte Poster

    Greetings Jay_ man.You will be very grateful that you found this place.Truly is a first class forum we have here.
    There are plenty of people around who are currently in the same boat as yourself,im currently on the A+ route myself,but through a training provider.

    Enjoy your stay :biggrin
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  5. punkboy101
    Honorary Member

    punkboy101 Back from the wilderness

    Welcome to CF mate, make yourself at home. :D
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  6. tripwire45
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    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Greetings jay_man. Welcome to CertForums. Glad you made the party, mate. :)
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  7. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Welcome to the forum :biggrin
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  8. Jakamoko
    Honorary Member

    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Hi jay_man - glad you found us. We'll hopefully help with any questions or issues you may have - oh, and you get a laugh here as well. Enjoy :)
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  9. CMA's RAT

    CMA's RAT Bit Poster

    and makes you :sick of it that you want to forget it as well - So found repeating the 2nd and 4th previous sections to the one I'm on really does fix it in the memory - takes longer but hey, I want 1st attempt passes to cut down the costs. From what you're doing sounds very much the same but beware of trying to cram to much to quickly

    A bit of hands on with old (depends upon the individual as to what is "old") pc's also tends to fix the knowledge and gives satisfaction WHEN it works..(make one good unit from the malfuctioning and older units that companies just chuck away now days - get their permission first). I do this my self & send the working units out to wife's neices and nephews in far east - used to cost their dads a days wage for them to hire an old 386 for a couple of hours to do their home work on - now they hire them out by the hour and it pays for their schooling.
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  10. nugget
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    nugget Junior toady

    Hi and welcome to the forum.:D
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