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Help with Excel Expert 2013 Part 1 77-427

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Office 365' started by Paulmos, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. Paulmos

    Paulmos New Member


    I have now failed Excel Expert 2013 Part 1 77-427 for the second time. My score of 310 was not even close to passing and in fact I performed worse than in the first test where I scored 388.

    There is no doubt that Microsoft have raised the bar in terms of the level required to pass this test and the accompanying 77-428 exam. I have Excel Expert 2010 certification and that level is clearly not sufficient to pass this test.

    I feel that I am competent in Excel and that I should be passing this exam but I don't exactly know where I'm going wrong and what I need to do to get to the required level in order to pass. The main difficulty is that the test instructions are quite terse and cryptic and it not always possible to discern exactly what needs to be done especially under time pressure.

    The resources I am using to study from include the official MOS coursebook (which really is not suitable for this level) and a variety of books and YouTube videos. Thankfully there is an abundance of free quality resources available on Excel on the Internet. I have also subscribed to GMetrix. It is useful in terms of knowing the test format but of limited usefulness given that the actual test is quite different to the simulations and much less useful in comparison to 2010 exams.

    I would really appreciate if any forum members, who have passed Excel Expert 2013 or MOS trainers, can advise on what other materials I can use to better prepare myself for this test which I am determined to pass. Unfortunately, there isn't a community devoted to helping people pass this test unlike other more professional exams found on this forum.

    Many thanks for your help.
  2. Austin

    Austin New Member

    Hi Paul, It's very sad that you have failed Excel Expert 2013 Part 177-427 exam for the second time. I'm really sorry for your loss. But, I have a friendly advice for you if you don't want to get failed for the third time in a row. Just don't rely on YouTube videos and useless official MOS coursebook. Passcertification is the best site where you can obtain high quality and reliable preparation material, study guides etc. I hope that you will pass your exam with bright numbers.

    Certifications: CompTIA Security+, Excel Expert 2013
  3. Paulmos

    Paulmos New Member

    Hi Austin, thanks for your reply. I just checked out Passcertification but unfortunately they don't seem to offer my particular exam.


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