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Help with DNS zone delegation in a child domain (70-291)

Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by steveh2001, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. steveh2001

    steveh2001 Byte Poster

    Hi guys

    Hope you can help. Am studying for the 70-291, just reading from the MS Press book, and setting everthing up as I go on an ESXi box at home. I am a bit confused over the correct order to do things, when setting up zone delegation on a child domain. I am guessing there might be two answers, the best way to do it, and the MS way of doing it for the exam. Info on either way would be good :D. Also its a bit confusing as creating the domain itself seems out of the scope of the book.

    So my question is basically, what order should you do things to be "microsoft correct". My findings are below:

    1) I have a parent domain, contoso.com, running fine with an AD integrated primary DNS forward lookup zone on the DC (server01).
    2) I setup a workgroup server, and dcpromo it up to be a DC on a new domain, in an existing domain tree, sales.contoso.com. It does not mention DNS during this (the actual machine DNS is pointing to parent DC/DNS server, server01).
    3) On the parent DNS server, a new "folder" appears under the main contoso.com zone, called sales, and the standard entries populate.
    4) I now go to create a delegation to sales.contoso.com, from the parent DNS server, and it says that the zone already
    5) So I now install DNS on the sales.contoso.com DC, and create a forward lookup zone, sales.contoso.com
    6) I delete the zone folder sales, under contoso.com on the parent DNS server, and continue the delegation to the sales.contoso.com DC and it seems to work, and eventually the sales.contoso.com server populates the correct entries.

    So what did I do wrong? It seems that during the DC promo process, the sales.contoso.com "sub" zone is automatically created on the parent DNS server? Is the book ignoring this or have I done something wrong?

    Appreciate any help!


    EDIT: Just been reading over the book again, and realised that I dont think they are using AD integrated zones, as they talk about selecting a file name during the new zone wizard process - could this be the issue? I need to start again without using AD integrated zones?

    EDIT2: Just tried again on clean servers, non AD integrated primary parent zone, as soon as I setup the child domain, the DNS folder appears beneath the main zone on the parent DNS server!!?
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