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    :rolleyes: hie evrybdy , l need your help coz lm currently doing N+ with scheidegger and l was told that l didnt need to sit for Comptia A+ is that right. l signed up to do CCNA n CCNP and l was told that l will get a certificate when l finish the whole thing is that true, coz l believe these courses are diffrent n really an xam should b taken per stage/level.......... what should l do?
    Feel really let down coz some of u have brilliantly passed your A+ with flying colours ,wot abt me.....pliz help anyone

    will appreciate it

    thanks in advance
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    Having an A+ is not required to get an N+, but if you don't know the information taught in the A+ you'll probably be in real trouble doing an N+. Technically your training provider didn't lie to you, but I'd say it's only technically not a lie. In real life if you don't understand enough about computers to pass an A+ you're going to be in way over your head with the material covered in N+.

    Yes, there are individual certs for CCNA and CCNP. I'd say that you have bitten off a huge chunk here. The CCNA is Cisco's entry level networking certification. Most people would probably say it's approximately equivalent to an N+, but this one is specific to Cisco networking hardware and protocols and the N+ is vendor neutral.

    A CCNP is a much higher level cert yet. IIRC, you must pass 5 exams to obtain a CCNP and it covers a whole lot of networking material. If you're a newbie to computing you're in so far over your head with this cert that I consider it fraudulent for a training company to have sold you this. No training provider should ever sell a newbie on a program to cover these types of certs.
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    Absolutely true, but it depends a lot on how network+ is taught, and generally, A+ would be quite helpful.

    You have to pass various exams to get these qualifications. They're not in the least bit easy and if you have no previous experience I reckon you're being taken for a ride. Then again, you did do your research first right ? *G*

    up to you. Tell us about your IT experience and goals and we may be able to advise better.

    On a different note, I hope you don't write like this on job applications or CVs or communications with job agencies as it comes across very poorly. Sorry for preaching but its one of my bugbears *g*

    Dont do CCNP without experience though.. even if you get it, it'll be useless
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    Hiya lynx78,
    Firstly dont get down about it all just do what you need to do to put whatever right, if you feel you need to do a+ first tell your training provider this and dont let them blag u(not that a training provider would ever do such a thing lol)
    It all depends what u know already. I have the cisco equivalent of the a+ apparently and i have just started studying CCNA and have realised how much work experience is needed aswell as cert knowledge as there is some stuff im doing i have had to really study as didnt have a clue. if it was me in your shoes i would probably ask to change to do a+,n+ as a foundation and then do CCNA instead of doing CCNP but its up to you and these are all separate certs and you should get one cert for each

    Hope this helps


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    Comptia who run A+ and N+ recommend the A+ first pass that then Network+, you need the knowledge of A+ to understand Network+ full stop i know i have don it in that order and was told to do it in that order by Comptia.

    Scheidegger are in the main high pressure sale smen who will hide the fact from you that they dont pay for you to take the Comptia A+ and Network+ exams they mak eyou sit their own exams which are worthless and not recognised by any employer, this means scheidegger, multiskills and also known as skillstrain make bigger net profit and leav ethe poor student swith no industry recognised qualification.

    Also a friend in London trained to be a salesman with scheideger, multi media skill and skilltrain all same company and they are rouges the training goes like this:

    what car has your friend gotm would you like a better car, what hous ehave you got, what about your friends wife, what school ar eyour children in would you like a better school for your kids, what holidayys do your neighbours go on, would you like better holidays, more holidays, sign here or i am not leaving for another 2 hours blah blah.

    They have been on watchdog and other consumer programmes, they are slick fast talking sale sexecutives who take about 20% of what you pay in commission, you also have to go to luton to train, some people on a bookkeeping course i kow said the training was okay but at nearly£2,000 wow waht a price.
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    That's great talking there :blink

    Training providers have to been taken carefully as a whole; I'm with Scheidegger, and though I've had a little beef with them recently, I'm being given exactly what I was 'sold'.

    You do have to sit in house exams at every stage, Lynx (ie, A+, N+, etc). Although you will have to pay to sit the external exams yourself, they won't let you go through all the courses and leave you without knowing your ability level. And their pass level requirement is ridiculously high; that's how they get their pass percentage (I think I was told about 94%).

    Although I've been building comps since I was 14, a lot of the indepth stuff was lost on me; I knew I needed the A+ before the N+, and the salesman didn't even attempt to change this; that makes sense - an extra course is an extra bit of cash in his pocket :rolleyes:

    I've always said with all training providers; you get out what you put in. The tutor support is good with Scheidegger. I send them emails asking for extra detail on things that I don't think they've covered enough; although I could easily get this info from my Meyers book, it's not what I paid £3500 for, and it's always good to have info from a second perspective.

    Sites like this will also help; questions are invariably answered within around 3 nanoseconds. (don't quote me on that)

    Anyway. Long post. And I don't think I've answered any of your questions. But good luck with the course. :D
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    :) first and foremost l would like to apologise for use of shorthand in my former post submitted. thank you for your advise and l rang my college again to shade the fog from my eyes with regards to the course and how everthing should go. they replied straight away and gave me the date when to undertake my practicals at Luton. After that l will b taking my A+ exam with Comptia which l will pay for myself and getting a reimbersment of my xam fees from them..

    thank u again
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