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Help me setup my Server

Discussion in 'Networks' started by NEO-BAHAMUT-, Aug 4, 2010.


    NEO-BAHAMUT- New Member

    Hi guys,

    Ive recently decided that im going to attempt the 70-290 exam. I am working through the Microsoft 70-290 press book.

    Due to a lack of resources I have decided to setup by using Virtual PC a server and a windows xp machine. The server i have promoted to a domain controller which I have done successfully.

    I now want to add the Windows XP machine to the domain that i have created.

    However when attempting to add the XP machine I cannot get it to find the domain. Even if i ping the server or vice versa i cannot find either machine. I have been looking at this for 2 days now. Is there a logical reason as to why this is happening and can anyone help me so i can continue to my training?

  2. ChrisH1979

    ChrisH1979 Byte Poster

    Check your IP address and subnet mask. Then once you get it to ping make sure you can ping the dns name of the server. You say you can't get it to ping are you using the IP or DNS hostname? The only other thing could be if you have set the 2 machines up on 2 different virtual networks, but I am not familiar with virtual PC so I can't advise on that.
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    NEO-BAHAMUT- New Member

    Hi mate,

    Im not at home yet but shouldnt be too long for me to update you on the ip addresses and any more info you may need.

  4. Johnd76

    Johnd76 Megabyte Poster

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    NEO-BAHAMUT- New Member

    Ok guys im back home now.

    Right this is my setup....

    1. I have a Virtual Machine running Windows Server 2003. This is a domain controller. I have set the network card on the virtual machine as "Shared Networking (NAT)" The only role this server has is to be a domain controller!

    The IP address of this server is
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway :

    2. I have a Virtual Machine Running Windows XP Pro. This is to be my client machine. I have set the network card again the same as above "Shared Networking (NAT)"...

    The IP address of this windows xp machine is
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway

    3. The addresses given seem very strange as my actual PC that i use on a day to day basis gets an ip of and the default gateway as Subnets are the same...

    The Windows XP machine CAN get to the internet and i can ping websites such as www.google.com.. It cannot ping my LOCAL machine.

    The Windows Server 2003 machine CANNOT get to the internet for some reason despite it having the exact same settings. It cannot ping any machines and none of my machines can ping it either.

    Does this help a little more?

    Please help
  6. gosh1976

    gosh1976 Kilobyte Poster

    I have Windows server 2008 r2 running in Virtual PC as the domain controller and I have DNS set up on it and windows XP pro has joined the domain fine. I have both virtual machines set to use the actual network adapter. I manually configured both machines to use an IP address on the same network as my real network The server is 192.168.249 /24 and the windows XP is setup with /24 I think. the default gateway is the same as my real network I have the DNS set on the server as and on the windows XP machine it is pointing to the server for DNS

    I can join the domain on the XP machine and I can surf the internet on both machines. The set up lets me play around with group policy and active directory.
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  7. Darkfunnyguy

    Darkfunnyguy Byte Poster

    I has the same problem but with the VMware Workstation. The VMware software I used you connect to the physical network which is your broadband hub/router there the brige option if there is one on your virtual pc not the NAT option you are using.

    Also configure your client computer to connect manually with DNS Server point to the IP address of your Windows Server.
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