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Has anyone trained with "Robust IT"?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by FreakinRICH, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. FreakinRICH

    FreakinRICH New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to do an MCITP for server 2008/12. I came across this training company but I've never heard of them before. They make out like they have been going years and I had a rather prompt response when enquiring about the course. :speechles
    Course cost quoted was £1079.99.

    This course attracted my attention because they have live labs, and your are able to use their servers to practice skills and I don't want to buy a new pc as mine won't handle virtualisation.

    My question is has anyone actually trained with these people, what was the courseware really like, the support and crucially the live labs?

    Any info on these guys would be much appreciated as I don't want to waste a grand on a crap company.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BigG

    BigG Nibble Poster

    I've never used a training company - so I can't talk from experience of using one, but one did try and sell me a course.

    1. What is the study material - is it all their stuff or is it a proper book?
    2. Do you have to pass *their* exams before they let you do the real one? I've heard a whole world of hurt on this one.
    3. Are they promising you a job at the end of the course? If so, run away!!!!!!!!

    Be very wary of training providers - sadly the sharks seem to have ruined the industry for the good guys

    I've passed 5 exams so far without a course. It's not everyone choice but so far 5 books and 5 exams have cost a lot less than £1K


    Certifications: BSc, Prince2 Practitioner, MCSA Win7, MCSA 2008
    WIP: Vmware, ITILv3 on the back burner
  3. Juelz

    Juelz Gigabyte Poster

    what the... do not pay that money! you are better of self-studying.. Im sure there is no need to spend that money even if they give you simulation software.. Im sure the guys on here could provide you with a cheaper and as effective solution..My personal advice is unless its an actual registered college stay away from training providers online, particularly those who dont have long standing reputation.
    WIP: A+
  4. Stevie.f

    Stevie.f Bit Poster

    I did the CompTIA Cloud Essentials course last year with Robust IT. The course was on Groupon for around £30 so I thought I'd give it a try, and if it wasn't any good then I wouldn't have wasted too much money.

    I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I called their support desk a few times with questions and found them very helpful, and when I finished the training and asked about taking the CompTIA exam (the exam wasn't included in the groupon offer), they arranged it all for me and only charged me the exam fee - no additional booking costs or anything.

    I'm thinking about doing the CCNA next, but I don't know if I will do it with them or not - I had a good experience before, but they seem a little expensive. After a bit of googling, I've seen that reed.co.uk also does IT training courses. As a recruitment company, I'm wondering if it will be better training with them as I'm also thinking about changing jobs...

    If you do go ahead with their training, can you let me know what it's like? I'd like to know more about the live labs
    Certifications: BSc (hons) Comuter Networks, CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  5. Toasty

    Toasty Byte Poster

    Sorry bit confused, you are happy to pay out £1000+ for an IT course but not £200-£300 for a new pc?

    I have a HP Micro Server with 8GB memory running VMware.
    Certifications: A+, Network+, MCDST, MCSA
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  6. JohnOnline

    JohnOnline New Member

    I took a CompTIA A+ course with Robust IT and all I can say is stay away. The customer services was helpful enough apart from when I spoke to someone higher up called Darren and he was a blithering idiot and the course itself was terrible and overpriced, not worth a penny.

    I realise this is an old post just thought I'd post to warn people.
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  7. Rshome

    Rshome New Member

    DO NOT sign up for these courses. They hire a guy in India to write the course material and use a computer text reader to read it out. I turned my sound off after only 30 seconds. The course material is LITTERED with grammatical mistakes.
    Very, very amateur. I complained and was told that as I had logged into the course I was not entitled to a refund. Well how else am I supposed to see what the course quality is like? AVOID AT ALL COSTS. You have been warned....
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  8. LKjTyu

    LKjTyu New Member

    Agree with previous post.

    This company charge massive fees and all they have done is copied out a Microsoft textbook onto a slide show. The slide show is full of grammatical errors (more than one a page) and when dealing with programming this is a big problem.

    To get the access to the lessons and live labs you have to do all the work yourself - contacting Robust IT at every juncture and prompting them to do it for you. They provide no guidance in how to access the learning materials or how to use it.

    I had exactly same experience as the previous post in terms requesting a refund.

    Robust IT are immoral, plagiaristic, unprofessional poopy heads (in my opinion).
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