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Hardware Engineer, New Path?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by rsocon, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. rsocon

    rsocon New Member

    First post so Hi to all.

    I've been a hardware engineer mainly doing hardware break-fix on anything from desktops and printers to high-end Unix systems and storage arrays. I'm currently working on HP Proliant kit.

    My training history has all been internal courses with the company I've worked for the past 10yrs. Even though some of this training has been great, no training is what most companies seem to ask for, ( CompTIA, MCSE, CCNA, etc).

    I'm finding a lot of hardware break-fix work seems to be drying up. With kit being more reliable, cheaper to purchase, and easier to fix, most work is now customer replaceable, so my days are quiet.

    So I'm interested to know what is my best options, and if anyone has any experience of my situation.

    I've looked at either an MCSE course, or CCNA, or if anyone has any opinions. I've just signed up or the free CCNA courses that have been mentioned on here, hopefully they'll give me an idea if its for me. I've done some Windows admin work, mainly NT, but have been helping where I work doing some Win2003/08 server installs and config. I've also done some network/SAN work in the past so have an idea about these things also.

    Should I look to do a CompTIA course, or does my years working enough for future courses or jobs?
    Am I likely to struggle with the more advanced courses listed?

    Thanks for any advice, and listening.


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