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Google's Communication Breakdown

Discussion in 'News' started by simongrahamuk, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Google's Communication Breakdown

    Thought that this was part news, part an insite into life at Google.

    The headquarters of the most popular search engine in the world is a remarkably unimpressive place.

    Google's base is more industrial than architectural

    Mountain View, California, sounds like a glamorous address. But the home of more than 5,000 Google staff is a sprawl of low rise, nondescript buildings on an industrial estate about 20 miles south of San Francisco.

    The main building has a novel name - the Googleplex - but there are warehouses in the British Midlands that are more architecturally interesting. Similarly, one spot is known as the "amphitheatre" - but nothing could be less classically inspired or artistically stimulating.

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