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Google moves to delete 'RuFraud' scam Android apps

Discussion in 'News' started by GiddyG, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. GiddyG

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    Google moves to delete 'RuFraud' scam Android apps

    Google has removed 22 applications from its Android Market after they were discovered to contain fraudulent software.

    Apps posing as popular third-party software such as Angry Birds tricked users into sending premium text messages.

    Unlike some other app services, Android Market apps are not vetted prior to being added to the store.

    Google has said it swiftly removes apps that violate its security policies.

    Lookout, a mobile security company based in San Francisco, believes the fraud attempt originated from Russia.

    After notifying Google of the 22 affected apps, Lookout said it then identified five more apps running the so-called "RuFraud" scam.

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