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Google Chrome without Spyware = Iron

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Google Chrome without Spyware = Iron

    The “Iron” browser is based on the “Google Chromium” source code, but “Iron” does not send any user specific data to Google anymore and it does not contain a unique user ID. Iron is a product of “SRWare” - a german software company. In Iron the following Google Chrome features have been deactivated:

    1. no alternative error messages, when having entered a wrong URL
    2. no sending of collected data to Google, if Iron has crashed
    3. no unwanted Google updater

    Iron is available for Microsoft Windows only. Download Iron here (german page!). Installing in CrossOver Mac sadly does not work out of the box…

    Read here for the page.

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    1. nugget
      Cool. Looks good. Thanks Ken. :thumbleft
    2. Qs
      So... Iron is based on Chrome, which is based on Firefox.

      Hmm. :p
    3. Phoenix
      It's funny, back in 03 verisign tried a little trick with their DNS servers that basically redirected any wildcard address not matched to a verisign page, clever you might say, but totally went against what there remit was as keepers of a (few) mighty root server

      the internet was up in arms about it and it lasted only a few days (maybe weeks) before it was forced to revoke the bungled strategy

      How is it that chrome does a similar thing (although perhaps not by interfering with DNS) and hardly anyone notices, because its 2008 and there are far more dumb people than smart people online? because its google the golden boy?

      I dont know but the more things like this aimed at removing said functionality, the better.

      3am time for bed :)

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