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Good course in Nottingham

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by LordMoolyBap, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. LordMoolyBap

    LordMoolyBap Nibble Poster

    This may be of interest to anyone living in Nottingham / Derby area...

    The Axis Centre (Part of Castle College in Notts) do quite a lot of web courses such as XHTML & CSS, PHP Scripting ect.. anyway becuase of Castle Colleges affiliation with De Montfort University, if you do 60 credits worth of courses with Axis centre (3 - 4 courses) you can get a UCPD (University Certificate of Professional Development). Most of the courses are run one day per week. I did a Microsoft Course with them a couple of years back and they were very professional, im gonna do an advanced XHTML & CSS one in April as well.

    Anyway here are some links:
    http://www.castlecollege.ac.uk/docs/he_prospectus_2009.pdf this is the general HE prospectus and has some details in it.

    http://www.axiscentre.com/ this is the Axis centre specific website.

    Like I said, only really useful if you are in the East Midlands but hope it helps.

    Certifications: HND (Comp) MBCS
    WIP: Msc Intelligent Systems

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